I received my salt lamp as a gift and keep it in my yoga room. I feel balanced and am able to breathe easier knowing the air is being purified by my salt lamp. The soft glow adds a touch of warmth and class to the room. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product of mother nature. I plan on getting additional ones for my home as well as gifts for friends.
Debra G.
Knoxville, TN
I was amazed to feel the difference in the air that was in the room that I was in. The room was just so crisp, as if the storm had gone thru the room. This is truly magnificent. Thanks so much for your wonderful products and exceptional customer service TibetanSalt.
Daniel Ferris
Princeton, NJ
I wish you well in the New Year and thank you kindly for the Sole salts and the rest of my order. My Lady loves the lamp I bought for her birthday. The lamp and the light it emitted was almost as beautiful as her smile of thanks. Thanks so much.
Thomas H
New York, NY
I was skeptical at first, but then my love, who already has eight of them at his own house, got me my first ones. One is in the upstairs bathroom and is on all night , so it makes for a great night light, two are on in the downstairs bathroom all the time, and the one next to my reading place is on in the late afternoon and evening. I fell in love with them for their intense colors and beauty, and now I am beginning to feel the positive effects they are emitting into my home, and the freshness that is evident.
Julie V.
Santa Monica, CA
I had been looking for really good quality salt lamps for quite some time and just never felt comfortable with what I found...My order came yesterday and I was thrilled! Everything was just perfect; the craftsmanship, size, color, shape. Very, Very Nice...Thanks so much for caring enough to do things right.
John Simmons
Norfolk, VA
Hi , Thank you once again for your fast response. You certainly seem to run your business in a principled way and I truly appreciate it. I know that things can't be perfect all the time, and thank you for your fast action. I look forward to doing business with you later. Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a fulfilled New Year.
Danielle B.
Mobile, AL
Well - I am now ordering more lamps for our home. Currently, I have one in our (me and my husband's) bedroom and one in our son's room. My son has Down Syndrome and Autism. He has suffered from sleep disruptions many years . Within a week of this salt lamp being in my son's room - he started to sleep all night!! I am amazed, pleased, over joyed. I have ordered a lamp for my daughter's room and some for the downstairs. This is just a miracle lamp and we all love it!
Tiffany P.
Seattle, WA
We would like to say we ADORE our 3 Tibetan salt lamps! Thank you for making available such a beautiful product.
Matthew S.
Scranton, PA
Received my Tibetan Salt Crystal Lamps on the 1st June. Safe and sound(no damage at all). Prompt service. The lamps are outrageously beautiful. Thank-you so much.
Tommy Tinnesson
Perth, Australia
I like my Tibetan Salt lamp bunches and bunches...I love the colors it has and it's just very soothing...and one of a kind. Thanks so much for everything.
Marissa D.
Los Angeles, CA
I just wanted to send a note and let you know how very effective your salt lamps are. I work on a computer 10 to 12 hours a day, and was used to being completely fatigued when I got home at night. Since I've placed your lamp (16-18 lb. size) in my space, my energy and focus is much improved. Additionally, when things get hectic and tense, I'm no longer a nervous wreck. Thanks Tibetan Salt For a truly amazing Product!
Stephanie Howler
Biloxi, MS
At first I thought it was simply a placebo effect, but the changes have been consistent and gone on for too long for them to be anything but real. Thank you so much for making available such an awesome product. Coming soon are lamps for the living and sleeping spaces in my home.
Scott Murphy
Boston, MA
I have a salt lamp now and it has very much helped my husbands snoring and my congestion as well as my baby's stuffy nose. We have shared our lamp with other people and they all want it
Sharon D.
Albuquerque, NM
My order arrived in perfect shape and I wanted to thank you for your speedy processing, your prompt reply acknowledging my order, and giving me a tracking number to follow the entire shipping process. You guys are a pleasure doing business with! Merry Xmas
Charles George
Miami, FL
Dear Tibetan Salt, my salt lamps arrived a few weeks ago in perfect condition and they are very beautiful. Everyone that sees them wants one!
Melissa P.
Hollywood, CA
This is my second order with you guys, and I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you provided with my first order.
Mario Logan
Trenton, NJ
I couldn't imagine that there would be such a big difference in lamps available, I ordered several lesser priced lamps from another company, it was a special they were having, and I thought it was such a great deal, well later that week I went to a friends house who had also ordered salt lamps, small ones from your company, and I noticed the difference right away, the overall look and quality was much different, the colors were deeper and your lamps had this gorgeous shape. Mine that I ordered from this "special deal" were not at all attractive after seeing yours. I also felt different around your salt lamps after being around them for a very short time. I will be ordering some for myself and telling everyone I know about you guys!. Even though I haven't ordered from you as of yet, I want to say thank you for your great products and quality you give your customers, as other companies seem to say that, but I now know there is a huge difference is salt lamp quality, I am so glad my friend found you.
New York, NY
Kelly thanks so much for suggesting that instead of the one lamp I wanted that I select a salt lamp value package. The call you made was perfect, as I had friends birthday coming up and it was just great to have that extra lamp on hand. I just love my new Salt Lamps and appreciate your kind thoughtful response !
Chicago, IL
I am so pleased with the quality of your products! I had purchased a "discount" salt lamp recently, and the difference in the better quality of your lamp is obvious just by looking. Thanks so much! I will definitely be making more purchases in the future, and I will pass on high recommendations to everyone I know.
Samantha Stans
Los Angeles, CA
I like my Tibetan Salt lamp bunches and bunches...I love the colors it has and it's just very soothing...and one of a kind. Thanks so much for everything.
St. Louis, MO
I received one of your Salt Lamps from a relative of mine. I had never heard of a Salt Lamp before, but just absolutely love it and have placed it in my bedroom so that I can sleep better at night, which I do. I have recommended your site and what your about to all of my friends ! By the way I noticed you have wholesale salt lamps and other Ionic Lamp product ideas would it be ok if we called you about maybe selling your products?
San Francisco, CA
I love my new Salt Lamps!! Thanks so much for suggesting that I use my new lamp in my bedroom. I had heard that the Salt Lamps can help one sleep deeper and longer and that of course peeked my interest. So when I called you were nice enough to go over all the possible reasons why that is. And yes I must say I am sleeping better these days. Lastly I have told my Mother and she hopefully will call very soon to get one for herself.
Wakefield, MA