Salt Packages – Pillar, Pyramid and Bowl


The Value Packages are the best way to maximize your value! The 3 Lamp Value pack features 3 of our most popular at special savings. The Pillar, The Pyramid, and the Abundance Bowl!

The lamps are backed by our 6 day week customer service center. Should you have any questions about your lamps just send an email or call for clarification.

The features and possible health benefits.

Himalayan Salt lamps can help one generate a calm peaceful environment. The natural beauty of the Salt Crystals took millions of years for mother nature to create. Now the finest is available to you. We feel that Himalayan Lamps are a great addition to any home, bedroom or office.


  • Himalayan Salt comes in many quality grades we take special care selecting only the finest Salt
  • Each Lamp is carefully packaged and individually wrapped for quality and protection
  • Lamps come complete with standard bulb and cords
  • Himalayan Lamps can generate a negative Ion area that is beneficial to overall health and well being.
  • Shipping is quick and easy – Choose your lamps today. The package deal saves.
  • This package is available for a limited time



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