Himalayan Salt Pyramid, Sphere, Medium


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The Pyramid, Sphere, and Medium is one of our newest salt lamp package deals. The Pyramid is a timeless image the Sphere projects balance and calmness and the medium salt lamp is a natural wonder and all-time favorite.

Our master craftsmen hand make every lamp and they come in vibrant colors. The negative ions emitted from the lamp will help ease your life. The pyramid is a reminder of what the human mind is capable of when it’s focused. The Medium and Sphere lamps, both bestsellers, will provide stunning contrast and fill your rooms with beautiful light and comfort. The combination of pinks, ambers, and oranges make these lamps one of a kind. They are made from only the highest quality Himalayan salt and are shipped with a cord, bulb, and base.

All of our lamps are individually packed and orders are shipped same day or next business day. So whether you’re getting them for yourself or giving them as gifts your Tibetan Salts Value package is one you should buy today!

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Weight 18 lbs


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