Himalayan Salt Pyramid, Pillar, Medium


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Our exclusive Salt Lamp variety pack includes three lamps that go great together. The Pillar, Pyramid, and Medium size Salt Lamp The pillar is hand sculpted and perfectly smooth all the way around, the medium is a natural shaped lamp that appeals to everyone and the Pyramid is a timeless ancient shape.

Each lamp displays elegant colors and is hand made. Our colors are the result of over 90 naturally occurring minerals. The pyramid is a reminder of what the human mind is capable of when it’s focused. The Medium is a natural form that has been occurring for centuries and the Pillar lamp will contrast it beautifully. All bestsellers, they fill your rooms with soothing light and comfort. For over 250 million years this salt has been the highest quality available. The cord, bulb, and base are included with each lamp giving you everything you need to start enjoying your lamp.

All of our orders ship same day or next business day and are packed to ensure they arrive safely. Tibetan Salt lamps make the perfect gift for yourself or friends This package won’t be around long, get yours today!

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