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Many people are arriving at the understanding that salt inhalers offer massive benefits. Himalayan salt inhalation, as a form of therapy, has been used to clear their sinuses and help you breathe much easier and better. The Tibet Salts brand Himalayan Salt Pipe Inhaler is superior to other products, since we are the only American owned manufacturer of Himalayan Salts and Salt related products. We have the experience and understanding to work in every product we make.

Lots of people have tried the renowned Neti Pot, but find it difficult to cope with water in their noses, and so are searching for another solution. This is when the easiest and greatest option is the Himalayan Salt Pipe Inhaler. This is an awesome device that is based on salt cave therapy also known as Speleo/Halo Therapy, which has been studied and proven to assist with respiratory distress.

As far Back as the 19th Century, it was discovered that those that worked in salt mines almost never developed any of the widespread respiratory problems. Today’s world is full of more allergens and pollutants than ever and the salt pipe can greatly boost the body’s potential to heal and cope with such ailments.

The salt pipe inhaler is designed to reproduce the therapeutic effect of salt caves. When the air moves through the salt pipe inhaler it comes into contact with the super fine salt crystals, they are assimilated quickly into the respiratory system, giving the individual almost immediate relief from most a long list breathing disorders.

Using Genuine Himalayan Crystal Salt is key to achieving your greatest benefit. Each Himalayan Salt Pipe is individually packaged and sealed and comes complete with Himalayan crystals providing all you need to get started today.
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