About Salt Lamps

A formal introduction to your salt lamp education

Himalayan Crystal Salt lamps have been researched thoroughly by the holistic medical community, and for many they can create a life that is healthier and of better quality. They work by putting off ions that have been negatively charged, and this can counteract odors, allergies, pollution, and even depression in the home. They can be purchased in many sizes and shapes, and they are effective for relieving stress and anxiety as well

All Salt Lamps are Not Created Equal

The salt used for our lamps are mined carefully by hand, without the use of explosives. While this means it takes a great deal longer to mine the salt used in our salt lamps, it is of exceptional quality, in the most natural environment. We only use the highest-grade salt that is also fit for human consumption. In addition, unlike some of our competitors, we carefully ship each salt lamp in sealed, individually wrapped packaging, to insure a safe delivery to your home or office.

Which Salt Lamp is for me?

Since salt lamps range in shape, color, and size, you might be wondering which one is right for you. The color of the lamp is important to insure the highest quality since the lampís color needs to be medium to deep. These colors can be pinks, reds, or oranges. The shape of the lamp you choose will be largely based on how much room you have for the lamp, and your own personal tastes.

Whether you decide to go with a larger salt lamp, or several of smaller sizes, the size makes a difference. For larger rooms, buying Giant or Mountain salt lamps will work the best at cleaning the air and creating negative ions. For smaller areas, you can choose smaller lamps, which can be placed in each room. Many people start out with one or two, and then keep on buying them for their entire living space! Each pound of salt lamp creates a negative ion benefit for about 10 square feet. This can help you accurately determine how many lamps you need for a certain area of space.

What Should I Use My Lamp For?

Himalayan Salt lamps are used by many people for the purposes of relaxation and meditation. They are designed to give the human body a supreme level of relaxation. The use of salt lamps can give you cleaner, fresher air for your office or home. Many people have found that their allergies, asthma, and other breathing issues have been vastly improved through the use of salt lamps, since it effectively cleans the air of dander, dust, smoke, mold, and many other types of pollutants in the air we breathe.

To be certain you reap the benefits from Himalayan Salt lamps, make sure that they are made from the finest salt, like the Grade A edible salt we use, and be sure that they have been mined from genuine sources, like the way we mine our Himalayan Salt lamps.

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