Our Story

Here at Tibetan Salts, we strive to give each and every customer an exemplary Himalayan Salt experience. We provide great attention to detail, ensuring that every item is well protected, so it arrives to you in the same condition in which it was shipped – perfect condition!

We do this because we fully believe in the healing powers of Tibetan Himalayan Salt, and feel proud to offer these extraordinary products to our customers. We want everyone to experience the many benefits that utilizing Tibetan Salts bring, and it shows in our entire customer centric structure.

TibetanSalts offers top quality Himalayan salt products that help clean the air, reduce allergens and other pollution. TibetanSalts.com is the one and only Salt Company that understands quality, service and consistency. Making your easy – with hundreds of customers and testimonials we are proud to serve you today.

We only use pure Himalayan salt in our products. This is the best salt on earth, and is virtually untouched by man. It is found and hand mined in the Himalayan Mountains, and no other salt comes close to the quality and wholesomeness our products. We think you will agree that Tibetansalts.com provides the highest quality Himalayan salt.