Buy 3 Salt Lamp Abundance Bowls, Get 1 Free! Limited Time Offer.


Abundance bowls are hand crafted Himalayan salt bowls filled with Himalayan salt crystals. This exact product is a customer favorite and has been featured in Elle Magazine. The product naturally adds a bright light to any decor. The glowing salt bowl of fire will attract attention and interest.

Abundance is a natural desire and also a natural state in the universe. We suggest that the abundance bowl will bring light to whomever orders. Use them near computers to counteract the effect of EMF's or focus on the product and visualize abundance in your life. Stands 6-8 inches tall and weighs 8-9 lbs each. Comes complete with bulb and cord and can ship in 24 hours or less, The package deal is a limited time offer Act Now!!!

4 bowls in this package offer expires soon

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