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Salt lamps are Himalayan rock salt crystals that are natural expressions of nature's beauty. Salt lamps and all other Himalayan Salt products come from a region near Northern Pakistan, Nepal and India. Our salt lamps are carefully selected at the natural resource level. We only choose A+ grade raw material, which allows us to offer a higher quality lamp, Himalayan Bath Salts and Himalayan Mineral Therapy skin care.

Tibetan Salts has committed to donate a portion of our proceeds to worthy causes; starting in 2008 we donate to the World Vision Organization. With so many issues in the world today we hope you enjoy the calming effect of our products. Whether you looking for the perfect Himalayan Salt Lamp for your home or your interested in wholesale salt products we have what you're looking for!

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When you sit down and try to relax are you able to find that space where you feel at one with your surroundings? Take a deep breath right now. Do you feel calm and at peace, if not we can help! Our genuine Himalayan salt lamps have been chosen for your benefit. The idea that is most important is that Salt Lamps can increase the negative ion if inside your place then generally slightly warm to the touch you can know then that the lamp is working. Negative Ions or what some call Ionic salt lamps promote a visual and physical sense of peace and calm. Our lamps are hand chosen and hand finished all to provide our customers with the finest fit and finish in your lamps.

The factors that go into feeling or experiencing the fine benefits are interesting, simple and yet complex. customers indicate that when one is anxious or agitated one seems to be less able to feel the benefits of the salt lamps. But the experience is multiplied many times when one is able to step back and take the proverbial deep breath. Then your negative ion rich salt lamp environment will be more able to have the desired effect.

The book water and salt suggest that for every pound of the lamp in your home, you can expect higher negative counts for up to ten square feet per pound of the lamp. Customers usually find that after introducing one lamp, they are naturally interested in adding to the collection. So we have created some amazing value packages and other Himalayan Salt Lamps specials. Should you need further assistance please go the contact us page and send us a note or call toll free anytime.

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